About Us

We are a small business in Oklahoma that specializes in breeding French Bulldogs and Cane Corsos.

We are passionate about dogs and had a deep love for Frenchies and Cane Corsos in particular. We started our business with the goal of providing dedication, love, hard work, quality, and excellence in breeding the best French Bulldog and Cane Corso puppies we can and are always improving our program.


We have dedicated ourselves to breeding healthy, well-socialized, and well-tempered French Bulldogs and Cane Corsos. We carefully select breeding pairs with good genetic backgrounds and made sure that all of our dogs received proper veterinary care and nutrition. We socialize our puppies from a young age, exposing them to a variety of people and situations to help them develop into confident and well-adjusted dogs.


Our dedication and hard work have paid off, as our puppies have quickly gained a reputation for being some of the best French Bulldogs and Cane Corsos. Our customers rave about our puppies’ friendly personalities, good health, and beautiful appearance. We are always thrilled to see our dogs go to loving homes and to hear about the joy they brought to their new families.


As we continue to grow, we have never lost sight of our commitment to quality and excellence in breeding French Bulldogs and Cane Corsos. We continue to prioritize the health and well-being of our dogs, and to provide ongoing support and advice to our puppy buyers.

We have built a reputation as a responsible breeder who is always willing to offer support and advice to our puppy buyers. Our dogs are happy, healthy, and well-loved, and we are proud to be a part of their lives.